10 week intensive UX Design Certification program at FIT. Each group chose an app that needed improvements and came out with solutions by enhancing and changing the existing UX design based on the user flow. Competitive research, heuristic analysis, interviews, affinity map, persona, user journey map, and low to high fidelity wireframes took place throughout the development of the project.
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UX Design
Aug - Oct 2019 | 10 week

FIT UX Certification Course

Alexandra Duda
To reduce the steps that user needs to take, the ‘Default Filters’ is a new option that has been added. The user can preset his profile setting to his personal choice and preferences by using this new feature. This filter will be then transferred into any search options as a default if user choses to be.
Task 1
Setting up default filter
Under the ‘Trips’ nav, users can create a trip folder and save itinerary, likes, and recommendations and share it with friends. Once the trip folder is created, user can generate the home feed by recommendations by turning on the button as it is shown in the pop-up.
Task 2
Creating trip itinerary
When user searches for a restaurant, user can automatically generate the default filter that he created before and add in more options if needed. By liking the page, users can add it to the ‘Trips’ folder.
Task 3
Applying default filter