Fitbit App Redesign
UI/UX Design
Jan - Mar 2020 / 10 week
10 week intensive UI Design Certification program from FIT. Each individual chose an app that needed improvements and came out with solutions with newly designed UI/UX. New branding, UI component system, and wireframes have been implemented to improve on usability and engagement.

Task #1

Once the account is created, the app connects to the Fitbit 
device that the user carries. Following are simple questionnaires
asking user in order to generate more personalized content by asking
his/her interest and personal information. By completing the steps, the device pairing is done and welcomes to the homepage. User launchesor the first time and creates account.

Task #2

The main homepage generates activity data by tracking the Fitbit device.
The app also gives targeted alert notifications baed on user's fitness interest.
The exercise page shows what day from the planned schedule he/she worked out. Each day the device captures on what type of exercise was done and informs the progress through infographic data image.